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Welcome to the new Resonance Piano website

More and more musicians of all levels choose to buy a digital piano instead of a classic one. The reasons for this choice are the most different: for example not to face important purchase expenses, for the lack of space, for not having to regularly request the tuning of the instrument, to be able to move it with greater agility, to configure the piano with the computer. It is not surprising that there are now few pianists ready to buy a traditional grand piano, also considering the progressive and uninterrupted improvement of digital instruments.

Giving up the acoustic piano, however, also means saying goodbye to the authentic sound produced by the wooden soundboard, to settle instead for an artificial sound, reproduced by speakers that imitate the natural sound through the vibration of a polyamide membrane inside them. In the best models, the result can certainly be of a high level, but it will never be as rich and intense as that guaranteed by the vibration of a tonewood soundboard expertly designed and produced.

However, it does not have to be like that: thanks to Resonance Piano, it is possible to enjoy all the typical advantages of digital and, at the same time, the unique characteristics of the acoustic. Resonance Piano is in fact an acoustic sounding case, which inside hides not one, but two large soundboards, to ensure a sound very similar to that of the best concert grands.

With Resonance Piano we wanted to create a bridge between two worlds that until yesterday seemed inevitably separate, that is, between acoustic and digital. We want all musicians to discover this opportunity, we want them to know that it is possible to achieve the full sound, natural harmonics and colours of the best tonewood even starting from a stage piano, a digital piano and a master keyboard amplified with Resonance Piano. For this reason, we have launched the new website, which will soon be available in different foreign languages.

On our new website, you can discover the small revolution represented by Resonance Piano, the meeting point between the precious tonewood of the Fiemme Valley and the most advanced technologies in the field of audio. We have created two separate introduction to the Resonance Piano models, grand and upright, and we have enriched the site with different multimedia content, to see and hear our tools, and to analyse in detail each of their functions.

Visit our new website, and discover the many reasons to choose Resonance Piano!

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Not only a grand: Resonance Piano upright model is also available