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Resonance Piano:

the authenticity of the acoustic pianos
merged with the digital world.

The most advanced technology meets the precious tonewood from the Fiemme Valley.

We strongly believe that all pianists should have the freedom to choose their right instrument, the one that could let them express their talent at best, while making themselves and people feel real emotions. For this reason, we have created Resonance Piano. Born from a dream that meets our commitment to put the best instruments in the hands of artists, Resonance represents the trait d’union between acoustic and digital worlds, putting together two dimensions always considered far away and hopelessly separated for too long time.
Without strings, without loudspeakers, only tonewood that plays: discover Resonance Piano.

From the Ciresa company,
the voice of the best pianos in Europe

The Ciresa company is internationally recognized as a main reference point for the processing of the tonewood. Almost two hundred thousand pianos in the world play thanks to the soundboards produced here, in our workshop, with the best spruces of the Fiemme Valley, the same resonant spruces once chosen by Stradivarius for the manufacture of his incomparable violins.

Discover the long history of our workshop, operating since 1952.

Val di Fiemme

From the insight to the project

Why choosing Resonance Piano?

To enjoy the freedom and comfort of the digital piano without losing the naturalness of the acoustic sound.
To play your piano at any time, as you can adjust the volume accordingly to your needs, even without headphones.
To faithfully reproduce the content of the digital sampling, giving life to the original sound through the vibration of the tonewood only.
To move easily and effortlessly your piano to any place, without trolleys or specialized personnel.
Because Resonance can be put in any room, even in the grand version, thanks to the possibility of installing it vertically on the wall.
To have the possibility of transforming your piano into a workstation, taking advantage of five audio inputs that can be managed separately.
To have a valuable natural loudspeaker that can play music from different sound sources for a “live” listening at any time.
To have a piano with an acoustic sound, that is always ready to be played and always tuned.
To rely on an instrument that will remain unchanged over the time, but that will indeed benefit from the technological improvements in the field of the digital keyboards perfectly matching with it.
To indulge an instrument that plays as the best pianos in the world, making you feel the same emotions, at an affordable price and without maintenance costs.
Because Resonance Piano is the only musical instrument in the world with a 10-year warranty on the wooden parts.