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With Resonance
we bring the sound
back to its origins

To rely on a light and easily transportable instrument, to set up your piano with your computer, to freely adjust the volume and not to be obliged to face unreachable expenses.

A growing number of musicians, for different reasons, decide to play keyboards and digital pianos, while dreaming of performing on a grand. Quite simply, it is because the sound emitted by a digital piano is – and will forever remain – distant from the one produced and spread by the sounding case of a classical piano. Inside an acoustic piano, the sound comes from the vibration the soundboard, while in the digital piano it is reproduced by the vibration of a polyamide membrane, that is, simply, by the cones of the loudspeaker. Therefore, the resulting sound can only be distorted, unable to reach the harmonic richness and the natural tones of the original acoustic instrument.

The question was: is it possible that there is no way to enjoy the typical advantages of the digital and, at the same time, the unique characteristics of the acoustic? The answer, after years of research and testing, is the realization of Resonance Piano, an instrument that superbly holds the Ciresa’s long experience.

A sweet revolution

Resonance Piano can be considered an acoustic sounding case, in other words, the missing element in a digital piano, in order to become a real one, without losing the possibilities of the musical expression or the typical advantages of these two worlds.

For years now, we have been glimpsing the surprise in the eyes of the people who open the lid of a Resonance Piano for the first time. Inside, there are no strings, no dampers, no bridge or iron frame. But there are no loudspeakers as well. Under the lid, there is only a high quality soundboard that is put into vibration by the touch of the pianist, reproducing what happens in a normal stringed instrument.

A natural sound,
full and rich,
that overcomes many limits

We have realized the perfect instrument for the people who have always dreamt of the sounds of the traditional piano, but have always been held back by the difficulties of transport, the use limits and the significant costs of purchase and maintenance.

Resonance Piano does not know these obstacles. It is extremely lighter and easier to carry than a normal acoustic piano, and it can be completed with the connection to any digital instrument, from the stage piano to the digital piano, to the master keyboard.

It can also become a real workstation, because it has the possibility of connecting other musical instruments and additional sources: this can give life to concerts that we can consider, without fear of making mistakes, “super-acoustic”, enriched by the natural harmonics and colours that only the vibration of wood can produce.

A pleasure to listen to,
to touch and to see

It is not easy to explain the range of sensations you feel when you get close to a Resonance Piano.

Its natural sound is enveloping and lively, and the mellow music can be touched with your hand on the soundboard put into vibration. Another fascinating element is the aesthetics, modern and elegant, the result of a great craftsmanship. With its unique and easily recognizable design, conceived by Mangodesign, Resonance does not leave indifferent and captures your emotions from every point of view.