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Listen to Resonance Piano

J.S. Bach: Prelude and Fugue in D (WTK, Book II, No. 5) , BWV 874

Each and every demo that you’ll find on this page has been recorded with the help of a professional sound engineer and the best recording equipment in order to give you the chance to hear the different colours of Resonance Piano.

Israel - John Carisi

Played by Piero Pegoretti

Blues Improvisation

Piero Pegoretti

Moonlight Sonata - Ludwig Van Beethoven

Played by Andrea Tonoli

Memories - Andrea Tonoli

Played by Andrea Tonoli

Limbo - Andrea Tonoli

Played by Andrea Tonoli

Sound Engineer: Simon Balduzzi (Bergamo – Milano)
Equipment used for recording :
– 2x Schoeps mk4
– 2x Schoeps mk21
– 1x Neumann u87
– 2x Line Audio CM4

Converters and pre-amps
– rme fireface ufx+

recording the audio demos
– ORTF con 2x Schoeps mk4
– A/B close with 2x Schoeps mk21

Recordings for the video:
– Mid/Side (MS) con U87+Schoeps mk4
– A/B with 2x Schoeps mk21
– Room con 2x Line Audio CM4

How to listen

Resonance can provide a pure and natural sound through the vibration of its own soundboard, the same as a live acoustic instrument

Smartphones or low quality speakers won’t be able to reproduce those high quality and variety of harmonics.
To make it an experience similar to the one you’d feel in real life,
we suggest you the use of, at least, high quality headphones.