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Not only a grand: Resonance Piano upright model is also available

Many people now know our Resonance Piano grand, our first model of acoustic sounding case for digital pianos. Resonance Piano, however, also has a cadet brother, the upright model, suitable for every location and for every room.

Elegant and sophisticated as its older brother, the upright model does not fail to surprise with the power of its sound. The Fiemme spruce soundboard is smaller than the wooden membrane of the grand, but still manages to produce a sound that impresses and conquers, going even beyond the results of normal upright pianos.

How is this possible? Simple: in traditional upright pianos there is a soundboard held and compressed by their own strings, and therefore it is, from a certain point of view, “limited”. This does not happen in the Resonance upright Piano, which has a soundboard completely free to vibrate, without any limit, as it is not held by strings or glued on a frame: this allows expressing a powerful and extremely rich sound.

All the Ciresa mastery has been put to work to find a way to amplify in a natural, authentic and satisfying way the sound of a digital keyboard, even taking up very little space. This superb acoustic sounding case can be paired with a digital piano, with a synthesizer, with a master keyboard, etc. This, with the certainty that he piano will always be ready to play, anywhere, without the need for tuning or maintenance of the mechanics. Resonance Piano is a versatile and multifunctional instrument which can also be used to amplify other audio sources (from CD player to other amplifiable musical instruments), from 5 different inputs. The sound control system is the same used for the prestigious grand model, starting from the practical touch screen monitor above the music stand.

With Resonance upright Piano we bring digital and natural sound even closer, with a light and space-saving instrument: discover the characteristics of this model!

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